Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Service

Your upholstery and furniture can attract just as much dirt and dust as your carpets and rugs, especially if you have pets. Make them look their best with our upholstery and furniture cleaning services, available to all Mukilteo, Washington and Bothell, Washington residents, and those in surrounding areas.

Our Services

Here at Northwest Rain, we are committed to making your furniture and upholstery look like new again. That’s why we treat all kinds of fabrics for upholsteries and furniture, including polyester, microfiber, and more. We can clean most kinds of fabric, with the exception of silk.

How it works

Similar to our carpet cleaning services, we treat your upholstery and furniture by hand and machine. And, because furniture is so susceptible to pets, we use our pet and odor removal techniques to make them look and smell fresh and clean. Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Before we even start on your furniture, we first prepare our non-toxic, safe products, including citrus and a natural, all-fiber rinse. We will also try and remove any stains as much as we can before cleaning your upholstery and furniture.

Step 2

Using our environmentally friendly prepared products, we clean your upholstery and furniture either by brushing your item out by hand when needed, or by a small, variable speed rotation brush.

Step 3

Once your item is brushed, the final step is steaming your furniture and extracting any last dirt and residue. We use a truck-mounted prochem system with a powerful suction depending on the material of the furniture, and we use only pure water for extraction in order to make sure no extra dirt is attracted.

For professional assistance with upholstery and furniture cleaning in Mukilteo and Bothell, WA, and all surrounding areas, contact Northwest Rain Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning at 425-232-5571 today.